CISn’t ME | Lux Sauer (workshop)

We need queer superheroes! The two-day workshop CISn’t ME offers a space where people can engage in choreography, dance and physicality independently of their biological and social gender. At the core of the workshop we envision texture and creatures to explore personal movement material and discover our own shameless choreographies. Through body work, alone and with the group, the body is celebrated and empowered. Together we create our own queer superheroes.

As a queer dancer and choreographer, Lux is opening up spaces where other queer human beings can safely explore their own moving bodies. CISn’t ME has been developed as part of the international exchange program Anatomy of Togetherness.

This workshop focuses specifically on individuals who do not identify themselves as CIS. No dance experience is needed and the workshop is open to all ages. The workshop will be in English.

by: Lux Sauer
Developed as part of the project Anatomy of Togetherness.

Anatomy of Togetherness is a collaboration between Theaterfestival Boulevard & What You See Festival | initiative, concept and online facilitators: Monica Gillette & Gary Joplin | thanks to: Daniel Mariblanca, Tommy Noonan and Murielle Elizéo

WORKSHOP (two days)
Language: English

Za 21 & Zo 22 Nov
11.00 – 13.30
Studio Iris van Peppen
Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3

IemeCISn’t ME | Lux Sauer (workshop)

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