YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO | Maud Vanhauwaert

The installation You’ll Never GUESS WHO is the impossible version of the game ‘Wie is het?’ (Who is it?), developed by city poet of Antwerp and former curator of the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, Maud Vanhauwaert. The game questions our way of looking and thinking. How do we encounter one another? Which questions do we use to define and approach people? Can we allow ourselves to look behind the first image? This and that, black and white, meat and fish, one and the other; the 20 individuals in the game are hard to put in boxes.

concept: Maud Vanhauwaert | photography: Jill Bertels | design: Jelle Jespers | building of installation: Kop- spel | thanks to: Marcia Poelman

Antwerp city poet is cheerfully dealing with boxes with an unplayable version of the game Who is it?

(Dutch première)
Language No Problem

Sat 9
from 13.00
Leidsche Rijn Centrum

Fri 22 / Sat 23
from 13.00
Het Huis Utrecht

Sun 24
from 19.00
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Free admission

IemeYOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO | Maud Vanhauwaert

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