YONIVERSE | Cherella Gessel

Yoniversal healing is needed! In Yoniverse, Cherella Gessel, Afro-Caribbean, woman and queer, together with like-minded people, goes on a search for balance and healing within the western, patriarchal, capitalist, heteronormative, racist society in which we live. Become part of an intimate cleansing ritual that takes place in an alternative universe. Here hip hop rhymes are healing spells, purple mist is cleansing and all traumas and negative vibrations are shaken away.

concept, performance & text: Cherella Gessel | coaching & direction: Samora Bergtop | rap coach: Kay Slice | music: Sliscobars | host & gate keeper: dragperformer Laeno Lolani Lashaaawn | image: Elisabetta Agyeiwaa

“Yoniverse: my healing hiphop concert for black, queer bitches!”

Cherella Gessel


The Netherlands
Language No Problem

Sat 21 nov
45 min

Theater Kikker
Grote zaal

IemeYONIVERSE | Cherella Gessel

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