This is the What You See team:

Vincent Wijlhuizen

Artistic and general director, head of programming

Photo: Karin Jonkers

Ieme Soes

Head of production

Annette van Zwoll

Programming and dramaturgy

Noor Blokhuis


Reinder Radersma


Lody Meijer

Marketing & Communication

Marron Das 

Foto: Oscar van Beest

Margo van der Werf

Technical Production

Marissa Piso

Social Media Advice


  • Sander van Oorspronk
    Marketing and communication consultant within the public sector
  • Selm Wenselaers
    Artistic co-ordinator and dramaturge in the performing arts
  • Jantien Plooij
    Consultant and business manager in the performing arts

Committee of Recommendation

  • Xavier Van Damme
    General and artistic director Festival Oude Muziek in Utrecht
  • Gloria Wekker
    Professor, social and cultural antropologist specialised in Gender and Etnicity and writer of a.o. the boek White Innocence
  • Peggy Olislaegers
    International dance dramaturge, dance activist and advisor, a.o artistic associate of dance company Rambert (U.K.) and choreographer Nanine Linning
  • Erik van Ginkel
    Business director at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  • Robbert Kalff
    Owner of rainbow cafe Café Kalff in Utrecht and initiator of the Utrecht Canal Pride
  • Simon Akkermans
    Kyptopia, owner and producer of EpicRainbowUnicornStudio Utrecht
  • Mies de Koning
    Leadership Development at The New York Public Library and Action Learning New York
  • Suzanne Sanders
    Art historicus and curator
  • Lisa Weeda
    Writer, literary curator of Festival Mooie Woorden (Beautiful Words) in Utrecht
  • Valentijn de Hingh
    DJ, model, writer and student Literature and French
  • Sophie Schers
    Transgender activist and feminist