To whom does your body belong? Can it exist autonomously? When is a body considered to be provocative? In this symposium art is a catalyst and center point for entering thought-provoking dialogues and gaining different perspectives on the body in relation to its surroundings.

The afternoon starts with a column of philospher and writer Simon(e) van Saarloos after which choreographer Alida Dors shows how her father incited her fighting spirit in a short solo especially made for What You See. In Regarding You & Me, visual storyteller Marijn Kuijper collects the traces his father left behind after his death in 1983. Poet Radna Fabias, who received the C. Budding award for the best poetry debut, reads from her overwhelming, forceful, fleshy, and sometimes filthy collection of poems. They all bring a guest that will bring new perspectives to the work, after which moderator Selm Wenselaers opens up the conversation to the audience.

With: Simon(e) van Saarloos, Alida Dors, Marijn Kuijper en Radna Fabias
Thanks to: Movisie & Charlot Pierik
Photo: Simon(e) van Saarloos, Peter Uytdehage, Marijn Kuijper, Wouter le Duc

Fri 23 Nov
150 minutes

Het Huis Utrecht – Studio 3

Language: Dutch

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