During What You See Festival, four artists – all working on the topic of gender and identity in various ways – are invited for a mini-residence at Het Huis Utrecht. On Saturday the artists-in-residence open the doors of their studio.

Simon(e) van Saarloos & Rahel Crawford Barra
Philosopher, writer and queer woman Simon(e) van Saarloos and the German performer and author Rahel Crawford Barra research their fascination and longing for strength and muscles. Fat is a feminist issue, psycho therapist and writer Susie Orbach wrote. But what about the muscle? Is the muscle a feministic issue?

Donna Chittick
The versatile dancer Donna Chittick has been part of performances of Backbone dance company of Alida Dors for years. In her choreography debut Together she uses hip hop to zoom in on the different phases of a woman’s life, and the way the environment is of influence on our being.

Franziska Menge
Physical theatre maker Franziska Menge deepens her research on the attraction soldiers seem to have on women as well as men. What iconic image of masculinity do they present and which longings, fears and wishes do we project on these men and their potential death?

with: Simon(e) van Saarloos & Rahel Crawford Barra, Donna Chittick, Franziska Menge | in coproduction with: Het Huis Utrecht | Together is made possible in the frame of the Nieuwe Makersregeling of The Performing Arts Fund NL in collaboration with Backbone | photo: Hadi Bou Ayash

The Netherlands / Germany
Language No Problem / English

Sat 23
14.00 / 16.00
90 min

Het Huis Utrecht

Tickets 14.00 Tickets 16.00

Wage Gap -14%*10,75


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