TRANS GENDER DIVERS PLATFORM | TNN a.o. (online meeting)

Interested in a gender divers Utrecht? Then join us in this online meeting! At the initiative of Transgender Network The Netherlands (TNN), an online gathering will be organised on the eve of What You See, with the aim for further shaping this platform for the trans/gender/diverse community in Utrecht. After each short presentation of Berend Folkerts (TransActief COC Midden-Nederland), Inge Frank (Pink Point Utrecht), Vincent Wijlhuizen (What You See Festival) and Micha Meinders and Anne Levah (TNN) a dialogue will unfold.

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initiative: Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN) | co-organisers: TranScreen Film Festival, TransActief COC Midden-Nederland, Pink Point Utrecht, Utrecht Gender Divers, What You See Festival

The Netherlands
Language: Dutch

Wed 18 Nov
20.00 – 21.30

Free of charge
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IemeTRANS GENDER DIVERS PLATFORM | TNN a.o. (online meeting)

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