THIRST TRAP | RAY YOUNG (Dutch premiere)

This sound performance is delivered to your home on a bicycle! The package contains all the ingredients to relax completely in your own time and in your own bath. Part story, part mediation, THIRST TRAP takes you into the world of rising temperatures, climate (in) justice and our generalized feeling of powerlessness. A confrontational, but at the same time loving and compassionate experience.

THIRST TRAP will be delivered to residents of Utrecht city by bike during the festival days. There are three slots which you can choose for you delivery. For an optimal experience a bath, bath towel, sound device (e.g. a mobile or iPad) and stable Wi-Fi connection are required.

This performance is (unfortunately) only for residents of the city of Utrecht. You can book your delivery slot and those are Friday 18 and Sunday 20 November from 15:00 – 17:00. For correct delivery, we need your ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER. Don’t forget to leave these when booking. 

concept & voice: Ray Young | composer: Alicia Jane Turner | dramaturgy: Season Butler | originally commissioned by: Fuel | supported by: Help Musicians, the Sura Medura Residency, and LIFT | photo: Nick Cobby |

United Kingdom
Language: English

Deliveries on:
Fri 18 & Sun 20 Nov
15:00 – 17:00

At your home

Please leave your address and phone number when booking

Wage Gap -14%*16,77
Student / CJP / -18 / U-pas10,-
* In the Netherlands, women earn on average 14% less than men. Transgender and non-binary people, people of colour and people with disabilities often have less chance on the labour market. Are you missing out on income because of who you are? Then buy a Wage Gap Ticket and get 14% discount on the regular rate.

IemeTHIRST TRAP | RAY YOUNG (Dutch premiere)

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