Where are all the queer women in dance? From a personal and political longing to include her sexuality on stage the British choreographer, dancer and theatre maker Amy Bell dances and talks her way through this witty and dream-like solo performance. With intelligence and wit The Forecast celebrates the particular but also looks for what we have in common as human beings: our ever changing bodies set against the tension of our ludicrous desires to know, to fix, to convince, to predict.

Bell introduces the body as a shifting landscape, with opposing weather fronts sweeping in. She rides the blustery winds of aspiration and becoming, questioning if we can intervene in the forming of our identities, or if we should surrender to their unpredictability. Immersed in a live digital soundscape and accompanied by projected animation Bell lovingly offers a space of transformation and possibility.

choreography, text & performance: Amy Bell | animation, dramaturgy: Hetain Patel | sound & music: Jamie McCarthy | light design & production management: Lucy Hansom | creative consultant: Peggy Olislaegers | photo: Pari Naderi

The Forecast is a delightful, sprawling tapestry of metaphors in which Bell exposes gender mayhem through the spoken and gestural language of weather reporters. She’s as articulate with her body as she is with her words.

Dance Tabs

Fr 23 Nov
60 minutes

Theater Kikker – Grote zaal

United Kingdom
Language no problem

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