SuperHUMAN, a guided mediation | Gary Joplin (online)

A guided meditative journey to activate the SuperHUMAN lying dormant within you. Choreographer and somatic coach Gary Joplin offers a possibility to see adversity and friction as powerful tools in sharpening the blades of your unique expression. The world needs your superpowers! Collapsing in the face of obstacles or becoming an embodied answer to the questions that life is asking of you…how will you respond?

This guided meditative journey will be made available during the festival on the online channels, to whenever, wherever you feel like.

by: Gary Joplin | in the frame of: Anatomy of Togetherness


United States / Germany
Language: English

Thu 19 – Sun 22 Nov
10 min

Free of Charge

IemeSuperHUMAN, a guided mediation | Gary Joplin (online)

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