SHORTS: Weird & Wonderful

Weird & Wonderful! Expect the unexpected in these sublime and unusual nine shorts. An ode to Britney spears of Britney fans, a Memphis style fairy tale, hallucinating water nymphs and cowboys, an extraordinary TV take, a history lesson, an action musical on high heels and way more. It’s camp baby.

Britney-Holics Anonymous: a spear-itual awakening: Jess Rosales (USA 2017, 10 min) | Eva Non Piace: Martina Dimitrova (GE 2017, 7 min) | Hi, it’s your mother: Daniel Altman (CA 2016, 15 min) | Rusulka: Wes Hurley & Nathan Miller (USA 2017, 14 min) | Rebirth: Gökçe Oraloglu & Zehra Gökçimen (TU 2017, 4 min) | Haygood Eats: Hazart (USA 2016, 5 min) | Salada Mista: Estevan de la Fuente (BR 2016, 4 min) | 2000 Years of Drag: a musical odyssey: Dorian Electra (USA 2016, 4 min) | Hard Way: The action musical: Daniel Vogelman (GE 2017, 33 min)

The film program of What You Festival was brought about in collaboration with film theatre ’t Hoogt and the Roze Filmdagen.

Thu 22 Nov
86 minutes

Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

United States, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Brazil
Language: English, or English subtitles

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IemeSHORTS: Weird & Wonderful

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