QUEER PLANET rebels against prevailing norms and default behaviors, taking audiences into a spectacular escape from binary thinking by exploring queerness and gender. This dazzling confetti performance for all ages pushes your boundaries and addresses a vast array of topics – from what to do when you find yourself in love with your hyper macho friend, to why you may no longer want to ‘behave like a girl’. QUEER PLANET is a powerful quest for identity articulated by theatre and music, skillful performances and a live DJ. As well as the performance itself, there will also a lot going on in the foyers of the Schouwburg, so be sure to arrive on time so you don’t miss out!

QUEER PLANET is programmed as a cross program by Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

The documentary of the same name made to accompany the performance can be viewed (for free) during the festival via our online programming.

direction: Noël Fischer | assistant director: Gavin-Viano | performance: Rick Paul van Mulligen, Merel Pauw, Tessa Jonge Poerink, Fjodor Jozefzoon, Lars Brinkman, DJ Jasmin Perez, Fabienne Rutten and Joshua Smits | dramaturgy: Martine Manten | costumes: Carly Everaert | set: Sacha Zwiers | light design: Uri Rapaport | sound design: William Bakker | video design: Isaura Sanwirjatmo | photo: Marijke de Gruyter & Nicolien de Jong | hnt.nl

A collage of stories and experiences about ‘falling outside the norm’ made with love, integrity and fun

Jaime Donata theaterkrant.nl

The Netherlands
Language: Dutch 

Fri 18 Nov | 19:30 – 21:20

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

22,50 / 18,50 / 12,50
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