QUANIMACY | Claire Cunningham (online)

At the invitation of this year’s Queer festival Splayed in London, Claire Cunningham developed the binaural, audio work Quanimacy.

In Quanimacy, Cunningham, choreographer and artist with a disability, intimately reflects on their relationship with crutches, the “queering” of the body and the concept of queer animation. You hear a conversation between Claire and their crutches, alternating with the voice and theories of scholar, rabbi and activist Prof. Julia Watts Belser, supported by the atmospheric sounds of Matthias Herrmann.

Please note: This work is designed specifically for headphones.


concept & creation: Claire Cunningham | featuring: Prof. Julia Watts Belser | music: Matthias Herrmann | transcript design: Bethany Wells | dramaturgical and editorial support: Luke Pell


Quanimacy is commissioned by The Place London.

United Kingdom
Language: English

Thu 19 – Sun 29 Nov
21 min

free of charge


IemeQUANIMACY | Claire Cunningham (online)

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