This evening, expect a unique concert with the Flemish band K’s Choice and a choir of no less than 100 singing lovers. K’s Choice broke through in the 90s with their raw, melancholy music, including hits like Not and Addict and Believe. Now they are bringing their songs to Utrecht, and they are not alone – they will be joined by a grand choir consisting of a mix of people from the LGBTQIA+ community, among others. The concert will be supported by other great artists, like Lola McQueen and the Utrecht Ballroom Scene. An experience not to be missed!

Before the concert you can participate in the Drag Make-Up Workshop.

artistic director and arranger: Hans Primusz | band: K’s Choice | singing coaches: Hannelore Primusz & Marjon Moed | assistant conductor & pianist: Peter Maus | community organiser: Tomy Huijbregts | production: What You See Festival with Zaterdag Zondag & DUMS | coproduced by: Stadsschouwburg Utrecht | special thanks to: Zinga van der Veen and Noor Blokhuis | additional artists: Lola McQueen, Utrecht Ballroom Scene | director of the evening: Jürgen Theuns | supported by: VSFfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds | photo’s: Jasper Léonard, RuDesign, Isabell Janssen

Anna, Annelinde, Arjan, Asta, Astrid, Aydin, Claire Lasse, Conchita, Cynthia, Daylano, Denise, Dham, Dorothé, Eline, Elke, Ettie, Femke, Fergus, Fien, Florianne, Gerdien B., Gerdien L., Gijs, Heleen, Helga, Ilse, Immy, Inès, Ingrid, Jaike, Janneke, Jelmer, Jessika, Jessica, Jolanta, Karen H., Karen T., Katrin, Lars, Laurence, Lenny, Lev, Lobke, Lorenzo, Marc, Margje, Margo, Marian, Marieke B., Marieke S., Marieke W., Marike, Marlot, Maud, Milan, Minoek, Naïm, Nathalie A., Nathalie T., Niek, Nienke, Peggy, Petra, Phebe, Raven, Rens, Rianne S., Rianne van Z., Rik K., Rik van H., Rob, Robin, Rosanne, Ruth, Sarah, Saskia, Sicco, Susan, Suzan, Sytze, Taylor, Thomas, Vayne, Veran, Veronique, Willemieke, Willemijn, Wilma, Yvonne P., Yvonne van Z.

Language: English

Sat 19 Nov
20:00 – 21:30

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

1st rank Regular27,50
1st rank Wage Gap -14%*23,65
1st rank Student/CJP/U-pas
2nd rank Regular23,50
2nd rank Wage Gap -14%*20,21
2nd rank Student/CJP/U-pas18,50
3rd rank Regular17,50
3rd rank Wage Gap -14%*15,05
3rd rank Student/CJP/U-pas12,50
18 years and younger
* In the Netherlands, women earn on average 14% less than men. Transgender and non-binary people, people of colour and people with disabilities often have less chance on the labour market. Are you missing out on income because of who you are? Then buy a Wage Gap Ticket and get 14% discount on the regular rate.