IN FIRST PERSON | Daniel Mariblanca (online workshop)

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Especially for this unusual edition of What You See Festival choreographer Daniel Mariblanca transforms the project In First Person into a physical online workshop.

In First Person is a trans life project that explores different gender experiences in our society. This workshop embraces some of the main topics of the project, like erasing boundaries, playing with reality and fiction and producing new ways of beauty and desire. It creates a space for support, care, courage and intimacy in times of social distancing.

Daniel Mariblanca is a professional dancer, choreographer and founder of 71BODIES a transgender inclusive professional dance and performance company based in Bergen, Norway. Daniel founded the company at the beginning of his gender transition out of an urgency to both understand and document the complexities that lie within the transgender identity.

by: Daniel Mariblanca | photo: Skjalg Ekeland/BA

Language: English

Sun 22 Nov


IemeIN FIRST PERSON | Daniel Mariblanca (online workshop)

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