THE HUMAN ZOO | Wensley Piqué

We are all prejudiced. Within one and a half seconds, your brain forms a first impression. But what do you do with that first impression? Based on ‘the human zoo’, ethnological exhibitions in which people from other cultures were shown to white Europeans,  performer, theatre maker and puppeteer Wensley Piqué developed an encounter. He invites you into his theatrical installation. From that first impression, that first second and a half, you enter into a conversation. Sometimes moving, sometimes confronting, sometimes abrasive, always impressive. 

Please note: This performance can only be attended by 1 person at a time.
Make sure you select the time of your choosing when buying a ticket.

concept and performance: Wensley Piqué | set & lighting design: Rob Daanen | production: De Nieuwe Oost | photo: Edwin Smits

Being in connection with yourself, the other and your environment is an important theme in my life, and it comes back in my work. I want to make theatre in order to discuss painful themes and create awareness.

Wensley Pique

The Netherlands

Sun 21 Nov
15:00 – 16:00 & 17.00 – 18:00 (starting time every 10 minutes)
10 min

Theater Kikker
Kleine Zaal


IemeTHE HUMAN ZOO | Wensley Piqué

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