HAIRY | Senna Pauli & Eva Arends (world premiere)

Body hair is often seen as dirty or unnatural. Especially for cis-women or people with a feminine gender expression. In a shop window in the city centre, where mannequins normally appear clean-shaven, you come across a living mannequin that does not comply with the norm. Seated in the ultimate 1950s dressing room, complete with all the necessary beauty products for a desirable appearance, a woman gets ready. She combs her hair. With HAIRY, writer and performer Senna Pauli and designer Eva Arends question the prevailing gender norm and search for beauty in the extreme. 

Additionally to the installation, the online photo exhibition ARE YOU HAIRY, JUST LIKE US can be seen on the website and at Theater Kikker during the festival.

concept: Senna Pauli & Eva Arends | performance: Senna Pauli | design, costume and hairstyling: Eva Arends | technical advice: Gibson Houwer | artistic advise: Bianca van der Schoot | in coproduction with: What You See Festival | thanks to: Pilo Pilkes, Charlotte Brand, Municipality of Utrecht, and all participants of ARE YOU HAIRY JUST LIKE US | image: Charlotte Brand

The Netherlands
Language no problem

Thu 18 Nov – Sun 21 Nov
16:00 – 17:00 / 18:30 – 19:30

Steenweg 38, Utrecht


IemeHAIRY | Senna Pauli & Eva Arends (world premiere)

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