GOOD BOY | Jürgen Theuns

A teenager from Brabant discovers that everyone, especially his family, is different from himself.  A crush at age 40 leads to a second puberty and awakes the activist in him. With movement, text, music and songs, theatre maker Jürgen Theuns shares in GOOD BOY, his personal story from the perspective of this young boy from Brabant and the Jürgen of today. A consoling coming-of-age performance about sex, love and the courage to stand up for who you are.

concept and text: Jürgen Theuns | performance: Jürgen Theuns and Valentijn Banga | directing: Ewout Eggink | photo: Martin Pluimers

Enthusiasm, uneasiness, desire and disgust alternate and give glamour to Theuns’ performances, who for instance can describe the attraction of SM-sex in an almost spiritual way.

Rosalie Fleuren,

The Netherlands

Sat 20 Nov
70 min

Theater Kikker
Grote Zaal

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IemeGOOD BOY | Jürgen Theuns

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