GLITTERGODS/STIGMA | Jésus de Vega, ICK Amsterdam

There are still 72 countries in which homosexuality is outlawed, sometimes even punished by the death penalty. The two dancers on the glamorous catwalk of GlitterGods/Stigma are balancing between two realities: the one of acceptance and the one of discrimination. Moving front- and backwards they are confronted with the friction between opposing experiences: freedom and oppression, pride and shame, love and hate. Through all these responses, they are trying to find their own reality, and expose their quest for autonomy and share their way to shine, their strengths and their fragilities.

GlitterGods/Stigma is a call for further progress and acceptance, an ode to love and a big thank you to all LGBTQI+ figures that have fought for equal rights.

This performance ticket gives you free entrance to the What You See Afterparty where you dance on the beats and where students of the HKU surprise you with their pop-up performances.

Combine Glittergods/Stigma with 71BODIES 1DANCE and get a discount on your tickets. COMBITICKET NORMAL (25,-)  |  COMBITICKET REDUCED (21,-) 

choreography & soundscape: Jesús de Vega | dance: Revé Terborg & Jordan Achiano | light design: Varja Klosse | production: ICK & Jesús de Vega | photo: Alwin Poiana

Sa 24 Nov

60 minutes

Theater Kikker – Kleine zaal

Spain / The Netherlands
Language no problem

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Wage Gap -14%*12,90
Student / CJP / -18 / U-pas10,-
* In the Netherlands, women earn on average 14% less than men. Transgender and non-binary people, people of colour and people with disabilities often have less chance on the labour market. Are you missing out on income because of who you are? Then buy a Wage Gap Ticket and get 14% discount on the regular rate.

IemeGLITTERGODS/STIGMA | Jésus de Vega, ICK Amsterdam

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