BOOK SIGNING FAQ GENDER | Thorn de Vries & Mandy Woelkens

Mandy Woelkens and Thorn de Vries wrote a new pamphlet: FAQ Gender. De Vries, non-binary, and partner Woelkens, regularly receive questions about their gender identity and their relationship. They decided to bundle the answers in order to help eliminate misunderstandings and ignorance surrounding being non-binary. From their own experiences, they share their answers to the most frequently asked questions. How do you know, for instance, that you are non-binary? What do you do when you are misgendered? And which pronouns do you use?

The book will be published on 11 November by Blossom Books. Bookstore Savannah Bay invited De Vries and Woelkens on the 19th of November, during What You See Festival, for a signing session in their bookstore.

Admission free, no registration required 

Reserve or order your autographed copy in advance via our webshop.

with: Thorn de Vries & Many Woelkens | publisher: Blossom Books | organisation signing session: Savannah Bay | photo: Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuyzen

The Netherlands

Fri 19 Nov
60 min


Book store Savannah Bay

IemeBOOK SIGNING FAQ GENDER | Thorn de Vries & Mandy Woelkens

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