‘Something’s wrong. Can’t get out of bed, can’t concentrate, can’t shake the mounting tension. Something unspoken is building up, leaking out, taking over…’ Fusing physical theatre, hip hop dance and spoken word, Elephant in The Room is a short explosive solo that explores the mental health crisis and the phenomenon of toxic masculinity. With his ‘do-it-yourself’ approach award winning director, choreographer and performance artist Lanre Malaolu reveals urgent painful topics within our society.

concept, choreography, performance, technique: Lanre Malaolu

Elephant In The Room provides just a glimmer into the struggles faced by many black men across the country, and through his performance, Lanre is forcing his audience to think about this, and inevitably, sparking a much-needed discussion.

A Nation of Billions

(Dutch premiere)
United Kingdom
Language No Problem

Fri 22
19.30 / 21.30
15 min

Theater Kikker
Kleine zaal

IemeELEPHANT IN THE ROOM | Lanre Malaolu

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