CORDATA LONGA | Chiara Bersani (online)

The intimate and elusive audio project Cordata Longa was conceived at the beginning of the lockdown in March, in an attempt to imagine a landscape together. Guided by the voice of Italian choreographer and queer activist Chiara Bersani you float through the clouds and create your own world. Cordata Longa is an experience for you alone, designed for private enjoyment. But it can only exist thanks to the union of different bodies in form, rhythm, identity, place and perception. Best to be experienced outside during sun-set!

As an artist and activist Chiara Bersani, who has a mild form of brittle bone disease, is interested in the political meaning of a body in relation to the norms of a society.

concept & creation: Chiara Bersani | sound: F. De Isabella | research: Marta Montanini | promotion & curation: Giulia Traversi | organisation & logistics: Eleonora Cavallo | production: Centrale Fies, Associazione culturale corpoceleste_C.C.00# | image: Giulia Traversi

Supported by: UFO – residenze d’arte non identificate – Contrada Teatro – Stabile di Trieste

My balcony makes you dizzy. Nice. Scary. Beautiful dizziness.
Up here today,
I feel like I’m floating.

Chiara Bersani

Language: English

Sat 21 & Sun 22 Nov

Free of charge
More info soon

IemeCORDATA LONGA | Chiara Bersani (online)

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