CORDATA LONGA | Chiara Bersani (online)

The intimate and elusive audio project Cordata Longa was conceived at the beginning of the lockdown in March, in an attempt to imagine a landscape together. Guided by the voice of Italian choreographer and queer activist Chiara Bersani you float through the clouds and create your own world. Cordata Longa is an experience for you alone, designed for private enjoyment. But it can only exist thanks to the union of different bodies in form, rhythm, identity, place and perception. Best to be experienced outside during sun-set!

As an artist and activist Chiara Bersani, who has a mild form of brittle bone disease, is interested in the political meaning of a body in relation to the norms of a society.

concept & creation: Chiara Bersani | sound: F. De Isabella | research: Marta Montanini | promotion & curation: Giulia Traversi | organisation & logistics: Eleonora Cavallo | production: Centrale Fies, Associazione culturale corpoceleste_C.C.00# | image: Giulia Traversi

Supported by: UFO – residenze d’arte non identificate – Contrada Teatro – Stabile di Trieste

My balcony makes you dizzy. Nice. Scary. Beautiful dizziness.
Up here today,
I feel like I’m floating.

Chiara Bersani

Language: English

Sat 21 & Sun 22 Nov

Free of charge
More info soon

IemeCORDATA LONGA | Chiara Bersani (online)

SuperHUMAN, a guided mediation | Gary Joplin (online)

A guided meditative journey to activate the SuperHUMAN lying dormant within you. Choreographer and somatic coach Gary Joplin offers a possibility to see adversity and friction as powerful tools in sharpening the blades of your unique expression. The world needs your superpowers! Collapsing in the face of obstacles or becoming an embodied answer to the questions that life is asking of you…how will you respond?

This guided meditative journey will be made available during the festival on the online channels, to whenever, wherever you feel like.

by: Gary Joplin | in the frame of: Anatomy of Togetherness


United States / Germany
Language: English

Thu 19 – Sun 22 Nov
10 min

Free of Charge

IemeSuperHUMAN, a guided mediation | Gary Joplin (online)

POINT OF YOU | Leo van Emden (online)

The world has changed tremendously in the last six months and coming together with like-minded people has become almost impossible. In the film installation Point of You, filmmaker Leo van Emden interviews various trans gender individuals to share their experiences in current times. What is the direct impact of corona on their (well)being in the world? How has this time influenced their view of the environment they are living in?

What You See shows a sneak preview of this poetic and personal film installation, in which trans gender persons with different backgrounds and experiences are given a voice.

concept, film & montage: Leo van Emden, Roemfilm | artistic support: Helga Merits, Anne-Beth Schuurmans, Vincent Wijlhuizen | image and trailer: Leo van Emden

The Netherlands
Language: Dutch

Thu 19 – Sun 22 Nov
Free of charge

IemePOINT OF YOU | Leo van Emden (online)


What You See presents a diverse collection of homegrown documentaries. Gonnie was already ninety when her son told her that he would continue his life as Jaqueline. Dochter (Daughter) shows their unconditional love. Robert is a 41 year old, unemployed, gay, autistic man with low self-esteem who finds strength, confidence and admiration as The Puppeteer in the Dutch BDSM scene. Starting from her personal experience, in Dubbel Geluk (Double Luck) director Esmée van Loon shares what it is like to grow up with gay parents. In Father Figure founding father of the vogue dance community The Kiki House of Angels Guilliano (26) tries to survive in a sometimes harsh environment and gives everything to be a good role model to his son.

All films are subtitled in English.

Dochter: Erik Alkema & Eveline van de Putte | The Puppeteer: Sanne This & Roland Javornik | Dubbel Geluk: Esmée van Loon | Father Figure: Bibi Fadlalla | In collaboration with: De Roze Filmdagen & Hoogt on Tour

English subtitles

Thu 21
84 min

De Nijverheid

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Wage Gap -14%*8,60
* In the Netherlands, women earn on average 14% less than men. Transgender and non-binary people, people of colour and people with disabilities often have less chance on the labour market. Are you missing out on income because of who you are? Then buy a Wage Gap Ticket and get 14% discount on the regular rate.



With his foundation In Lijn (In Line), Stijn Schenk provides insight in difficult and delicate topics through the art of drawing. In the frame of the bigger project WIJ MANNEN (WE MEN) artist Gijs Kast together with Stijn Schenk interviewed three men who lost their position, thus a big part of their identity. Divorce, sickness, unemployment or homelessness shattered their self image. The animation rise – collapse portrays the downfall and loss, and at the same time lays bare the freedom that comes with the rediscovery of one self, beyond the smothering expectations of society of being a man.

artist: Gijs Kast | initiator: Stijn Schenk | produced by: In Lijn Foundation | rise – collapse is part of the project WIJ MANNEN (WE MEN) and supported by BankGiroLoterijFonds

The Netherlands
Language No Problem

1 – 24 Nov

Theater Kikker
Free admission, during opening hours


SHORTS: Weird & Wonderful

Weird & Wonderful! Expect the unexpected in these sublime and unusual nine shorts. An ode to Britney spears of Britney fans, a Memphis style fairy tale, hallucinating water nymphs and cowboys, an extraordinary TV take, a history lesson, an action musical on high heels and way more. It’s camp baby.

Britney-Holics Anonymous: a spear-itual awakening: Jess Rosales (USA 2017, 10 min) | Eva Non Piace: Martina Dimitrova (GE 2017, 7 min) | Hi, it’s your mother: Daniel Altman (CA 2016, 15 min) | Rusulka: Wes Hurley & Nathan Miller (USA 2017, 14 min) | Rebirth: Gökçe Oraloglu & Zehra Gökçimen (TU 2017, 4 min) | Haygood Eats: Hazart (USA 2016, 5 min) | Salada Mista: Estevan de la Fuente (BR 2016, 4 min) | 2000 Years of Drag: a musical odyssey: Dorian Electra (USA 2016, 4 min) | Hard Way: The action musical: Daniel Vogelman (GE 2017, 33 min)

The film program of What You Festival was brought about in collaboration with film theatre ’t Hoogt and the Roze Filmdagen.

Thu 22 Nov
86 minutes

Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

United States, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Brazil
Language: English, or English subtitles

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Wage Gap 14%*6,45
* In the Netherlands, women earn on average 14% less than men. Transgender and non-binary people, people of colour and people with disabilities often have less chance on the labour market. Are you missing out on income because of who you are? Then buy a Wage Gap Ticket and get 14% discount on the regular rate.

IemeSHORTS: Weird & Wonderful

REGARDING YOU & ME | Marijn Kuijper

The death of Marijn Kuijper’s father’s death in 1983 stopped time. He will always be 36 years old, and Kuijper will always be his three-year-old daughter. His father never got to know about his transition from female to male and never saw Marijn becoming a father himself. In order to define their relationship in the present, Kuijper started the project Regarding You & Me in which the searches for the traces his father left behind.

The archive of family photos, movies and objects played an important role in this search. In Super 8 footage his father looked at him. In the exposition at Het Huis Utrecht, Kuijper presents details from photographs from both of them. Their mouths, their laughers, their hands and feet. In search for similarities and in his wish to get closer to his father, Kuijper also gets closer to himself.

Mo 19 Nov –
Fr 24 Nov

Su 25 Nov

Het Huis Utrecht – Foyer

The Netherlands
Language no problem
Admission free

IemeREGARDING YOU & ME | Marijn Kuijper

NON-BINAIR | Marloes Messemaker & Real Comics

The whole month of November, the ‘Stadskantoor’ in Utrecht opens its doors to What You See Festival. Here, you can see the graphic novel NON-Binair of the cartoonist and illustrator Marloes Messemaker blown up to huge proportions. She turned the search for ones own gender identity into a colorful quest. A personal story about an ongoing search, without the aim of finding the answer.

NON-Binair was made in the frame of the project Stories of Women of Real Comics, in which 16 stories of inspiring women were put on paper. Goal of the project is to bring people in dialogue, with each other and with themselves.

Text & image: Marloes Messemaker
Idea: Stijn Schenk / Real Comic
Thanks to: Selm Wenselaers,  Bastiaan Franse & Stadskantoor Utrecht
Sponsored by: Bank Giro Loterij Fonds

Mo 29 Oct –
Fr 30 Nov
Mo-Fr: 8.30h-17.30h

Th: until 20.00h

Stadskantoor Utrecht

The Netherlands
Language no problem
Admission free

IemeNON-BINAIR | Marloes Messemaker & Real Comics

INNER JOURNEY | Marvel Harris

The camera is Marvel Harris best friend. It doesn’t judge but gives him the opportunity to express the emotions he cannot put into words. The photo project Inner Journey captures his lifelong journey of self-discovery visible. With his self-portraits he gives insight in his transition from female to male as well as his struggle with his eating disorder. A sincere and raw exhibition.

From Thursday the 1st of november until Thursday the 23rd of November a selection of the pictures of Marvel Harris will already be shown in Theater Kikker. During the festival, this exhibition will be expanded.

Th 1 Nov –
Sa 24 Nov

Theater Kikker – Foyer
You can visit during opening hours of the theater

The Netherlands
Language no problem
Admission free

IemeINNER JOURNEY | Marvel Harris