1-800-LONGING4IT | Leah Marojević & Mass Hysteria (Dutch premiere)

1-800-LONGING4IT is a live one-on-one performance on the phone. The all-female, multinational collective Mass Hysteria took inspiration from various hotlines and personal ads, transforming this concept into intimate sound performances and conversations in the night. At What You See Festival, you can choose from four audio choreographies of different characters. Four fictional fantasies that serve to playfully queer normative power roles, and prioritise care, pleasure and dreaming

Check the adds here, book a time slot with Deep Pink Waters…, Dirty Walk for Dirty Talk, Theatre of Love (an Opera in three acts) or Dr Sparkle! Then sit by your mobile phone at the right time and date. Answer when your phone rings and dream away in a once in a lifetime conversation. 

If you’re longing 4 it, don’t wait 4 it!

concept, choreography, text and design: Leah Marojević | commissioned by: Mass Hysteria | with Deep Pink Waters…, Dirty Walk for Dirty Talk, Theatre of Love (an Opera in three acts) and Dr. Sparkle | artworks: Jame St Findlay

United Kingdom

Fri 19 Nov, Sat 20 Nov
20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30
15 min


Ms Silent Charm

Dirty Walk for Dirty Talk

The Theatre of Love, An Opera in Three Acts

Dr. Sparkle

Ieme1-800-LONGING4IT | Leah Marojević & Mass Hysteria (Dutch premiere)

PLEASURE BODY (workshop) | Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin

In their interdisciplinary art and research, artist and queer agitator Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin focuses on pleasure as a form of resistance to systematic oppression. Of Armenian descent, Ohanesian Nardin’s work looks at hostile architectures, survival strategies, sensuality and healing. The two-day Pleasure Body workshop offers training in and conversations about rest and pleasure. It acknowledges the frictions and multiplicities these words carry. Looking at somatic practices from a transfeminist approach, the workshop challenges the language around labour of care and healing. Giorgia will interlace their somatic studies as a mover with SWANA* body practices. Specifically the traditions of movement that bring attention to the pelvis, hips and ass.

Want to join? Please send a few lines about your desire to participate before November 15 to: workshop@whatyouseefestival.nl. 

Workshop capacity is 15 people max, priority will be given to BQTIPOC**

* SWANA is a decolonial proposition to refer to South West Asia and North Africa, instead of Middle East
** Black, Queer, Trans, Indigenous, People of Color

image: F. De Isabella

Agitation for me is a state of possibility, it requires and brings movement and vibration. I am interested in this friction. For me, holding space
is about allowing the possibility for agitation to manifest, to be
to be a generative collective experience.

Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin in Some kind of magnetism, a written conversation with Jamila Johnson-Small


Sat 20 Nov +
Sun 21 Nov
10:00 – 13:00

20,- / pay what you can

20,- is an indicative ticket fee. You are very welcome to pay the amount that is currently available to you (with a minimum of 1,-). Instructions for payment will be sent by mail.

IemePLEASURE BODY (workshop) | Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin

SOFT VXNXS | Goldendean (Dean Hutton)

In the monumental hall of the Neude Library, Soft Vxnxs is waiting for you. To be touched and embraced. As a “Fat Queer White Trans body” in the context of South Africa, artist Dean Hutton questions who or what is entitled to take up space. In doing so, they address the personal and political of hypervisibility: being visible (as a fat, queer, trans body) and invisible, unimportant at the same time (as a fat, queer, trans body). Their Tenderqueer sculptures are called soft-radicals by Hutton. They are round, soft, flexible and inviting. Our society expects fat and messy bodies to turn up traumatized and out of breath and never cheerful, horny, or beaming with a political speech. Soft Vxnxs creates comfort and space for vulnerability. Share your experience with this comfort object! #softvxnxs #goldendean #softradicals #whatyouseefestival

by: Dean Hutton | production: ‘t Hem | photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

Language no problem

Sat 13 Nov –
Fri 19 Nov
09:00 – 21:00, Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

Bibliotheek Utrecht – Neude

IemeSOFT VXNXS | Goldendean (Dean Hutton)

A TRUE STORY (workshop) | Daniel Mariblanca

Choreographer, dancer and trans man Daniel Mariblanca brings the stories of transgender and non-binary people to the stage with his inclusive company 71BODIES. He has been involved in the festival since the beginning of What You See and in the coming years he will work on the project A True Story. For this he invites you to the two-day workshop. This workshop unravels the dynamics between transgender and non-binary people and their (family) relationships and creates new perspectives on this. Through movement, text and more, you go in search of the core of your relationships. Playful, gentle and energetic, A True Story offers a place for togetherness, intimacy, joy and courage.

A True Story is accessible for anyone interested in gender issues. The workshops also focuses on trans gender and non-binary people and their families. You’re very welcome to join alone but as a trans or non-binary perspon you are also warmly invited to bring a parent, child, sibling or partner!

There is no age limit connected to the workshop, just be aware that the language is English.

More Daniel Mariblanca? Check here for his performance In First Person: The Playroom which takes place on Friday 19 November. 

photo: Karin Jonkers

Spain / Norway

Sat 20 Nov
Sun 21 Nov

Het Huis Utrecht
Theatre hall

20,- / pay what you can

20,- is an indicative ticket fee. You are very welcome to pay the amount that is currently available to you (with a minimum of 1,-). Please use the donation option at the check-out.

IemeA TRUE STORY (workshop) | Daniel Mariblanca

HAIRY | Senna Pauli & Eva Arends (world premiere)

Body hair is often seen as dirty or unnatural. Especially for cis-women or people with a feminine gender expression. In a shop window in the city centre, where mannequins normally appear clean-shaven, you come across a living mannequin that does not comply with the norm. Seated in the ultimate 1950s dressing room, complete with all the necessary beauty products for a desirable appearance, a woman gets ready. She combs her hair. With HAIRY, writer and performer Senna Pauli and designer Eva Arends question the prevailing gender norm and search for beauty in the extreme. 

Additionally to the installation, the online photo exhibition ARE YOU HAIRY, JUST LIKE US can be seen on the website and at Theater Kikker during the festival.

concept: Senna Pauli & Eva Arends | performance: Senna Pauli | design, costume and hairstyling: Eva Arends | technical advice: Gibson Houwer | artistic advise: Bianca van der Schoot | in coproduction with: What You See Festival | thanks to: Pilo Pilkes, Charlotte Brand, Municipality of Utrecht, and all participants of ARE YOU HAIRY JUST LIKE US | image: Charlotte Brand

The Netherlands
Language no problem

Thu 18 Nov – Sun 21 Nov
16:00 – 17:00 / 18:30 – 19:30

Steenweg 38, Utrecht


IemeHAIRY | Senna Pauli & Eva Arends (world premiere)

EXPANDED SCENOGRAPHY | Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

For the third time in a row What You See cooperates with students from the HKU. Nine students of Theatre Design, Graphic Design and Fashion Design explored the festival theme (un)Touchable Bodies and show no less than nine individual works during What You See. From personal fascinations, questions and anecdotes, they created a range of installations, performances and visual work with subjects varying from male-female relationships, self-reflection and intimacy, to fear, abuse and shame. With their work, the students challenge existing norms, break taboos and expose unconscious thought patterns and behavior. Keep your ears and eyes open, because at any moment you may come across such an activist gem.

18 – 21 Nov | ongoing, during opening times

Would you like to live in my Tuscan village? | Pascalle van Gurp (installation)
A representation of the duality of intimacy. When is access to your body taken and when do you release it? Monster vaginas vs Tuscan villages.

Sat 20 Nov | ongoing, 15:00 – 18:00

IEK | Vita de Pater (installation)

studio 1
The moment feeling is expressed it loses its value. IEK is an investigation into the experience of fear, both the burden and the power.

The weight of shame | Gabrielle Swart (performance)
A brand in your memory, a convulsion in your body, a weight on your shoulders. An interactive performance about the search for connection in a world full of judgments and assumptions.

The dearest thing I want to be | Madelief Kok (installation)
studio 2
I confront myself with the hard truth. Because losing yourself in this world can be done so silently that you don’t even realise it.

Sun 21 Nov | ongoing, 19:00 – 22:00

I am, you are, we look | Tina Helm (performance)
Whether you call it nature or nurture is up to you, but the fact remains that we, humans, see and judge. This performance questions the looks you receive as a young woman.

A Piece of Inclusion | Jasmijn Piek (installation)
Here you buy clothes with labels you would rather not be associated with. In doing so, you represent the people who are missed in our community. An attempt by the creator to achieve the diversity and inclusiveness that we in the community so long for.


This is not for you | Floren Bloch (installation)
18 – 21 Nov
A handicraft collection for the men I have nothing to do with. A public installation about the sexualisation of female-female relations. A reflection on how negative comments and interactions from the public space can seep into one’s private life and influence the experience of one’s orientation and identity.

I want you to be | Sofie Smits (installation)
18 – 21 Nov
I want you to be, you to think, you to be more aware.

Come a little closer | Ilse van Broekhoven (performance)
Predikherenstraat 32, 19 – 21 Nov, ongoing between 14:00 and 17:00 tbc
A combination of visual work and performance that welcomes you into the world of intimacy and togetherness.

by and with : Floren Bloch, Ilse van Broekhoven, Pascalle van Gurp, Tina van der Helm, Vita de Pater, Jasmijn Piek, Sofie Smits (Theatre Design), Madelief Kok (Graphic Design) en Gabrielle Swart (Fashion Design) | in collaboratie with: Het Nieuwe Instituut | support: Vincent Wijlhuizen | coaches HKU: Joost van Wijmen, Sanne Leufkens, Anne de Veij | image: Madelief Kok

The Netherlands

Thu 18 Nov – Sun 21 Nov
various times

Theater Kikker, Het Huis Utrecht, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht | in the city


IemeEXPANDED SCENOGRAPHY | Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht


Queering the City of Literature is an initiative of Savannah Bay, which lets you look at your familiar city with different, queer eyes. In June, authors Chris Lomans, Anne Chris van Doesburg and Edna Azulay hung their texts, written especially for this project, on locations in Utrecht that have a personal meaning to them. These routes will return during What You See Festival 2021 and can be walked for free at any time of the day. So check out the routes below and stroll through the city!

Queer the city Utrecht yourself with these route maps designed by Rowena Buur. Or follow the routes by the Google Map links below. You can also listen to the authors’ readings on our podcast Radio Savannah while you walk.

Anne Chris van Doesberg: check the route and listen listen to the reading.
Chris Lomans: check the route en listen to the reading.
Edna Azulay: bekijk the route en listen to the reading.

Can’t get enough? Come to Queering the City of Literature on Saturday 20 November!

Queering the City is an annual project of Savannah Bay | authors 2021: Chris Lomans, Anne Chris van Doesburg and Edna Azulay | photo: Tessa de Geus

The Netherlands

Thu 18 Nov – Sun 21 Nov


In the city


BOOK SIGNING FAQ GENDER | Thorn de Vries & Mandy Woelkens

Mandy Woelkens and Thorn de Vries wrote a new pamphlet: FAQ Gender. De Vries, non-binary, and partner Woelkens, regularly receive questions about their gender identity and their relationship. They decided to bundle the answers in order to help eliminate misunderstandings and ignorance surrounding being non-binary. From their own experiences, they share their answers to the most frequently asked questions. How do you know, for instance, that you are non-binary? What do you do when you are misgendered? And which pronouns do you use?

The book will be published on 11 November by Blossom Books. Bookstore Savannah Bay invited De Vries and Woelkens on the 19th of November, during What You See Festival, for a signing session in their bookstore.

Admission free, no registration required 

Reserve or order your autographed copy in advance via our webshop.

with: Thorn de Vries & Many Woelkens | publisher: Blossom Books | organisation signing session: Savannah Bay | photo: Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuyzen

The Netherlands

Fri 19 Nov
60 min


Book store Savannah Bay

IemeBOOK SIGNING FAQ GENDER | Thorn de Vries & Mandy Woelkens

WHERE WE DID IT E.A | Jonnah Bron

In the work of photographer and filmmaker Jonnah Bron sexuality and intimacy are captured in images. In doing so, she paints a more honest, real and inclusive picture of (female) love and the erotic between two people. During and after What You See Festival, part of the exhibition ‘Where We Did It’ can be seen in the foyer, revealing traces of the intimacy of the night. This exhibition is complemented by photographs of her and her lover. One of the works will also be hanging in Kikker permanently!

by: Jonnah Bron

In bed we tell stories with each other’s bodies.

Jonnah Bron

The Netherlands
Language no problem

Thu 18 Nov – Fri 17 Dec
ongoing, during opening hours


Theater Kikker

IemeWHERE WE DID IT E.A | Jonnah Bron

ARE YOU HAIRY JUST LIKE US | Senna Pauli & Eva Arends

Senna Pauli and Eva Arends, creators of the performance installation HAIRY, are on the look out for people with armpit hair. And they like to take pictures of them and thus question the prevailing gender norms. With the project ARE YOU HAIRY JUST LIKE US they contribute to the visibility of armpit hair and the lived experiences that come with wearing it openly. The photos will be shown during What You See Festival at Theater Kikker and here online. ARE YOU HAIRY JUST LIKE US will continue after the festival. They are always looking for people who like to be photographed together with their armpit hair! So sign up via: sennapauli@gmail.com

Concept: Senna Pauli & Eva Arends | in coproduction with: What You See Festival | with thanks to: Pilo Pilkes, Charlotte Brand, Municipality of Utrecht, and all participants of ARE YOU HAIRY JUST LIKE US | image: Eva Arends

The Netherlands
Language no problem

Thu 18 Nov – Sun 21 Nov
During opening times / Online

Online & Theater Kikker


IemeARE YOU HAIRY JUST LIKE US | Senna Pauli & Eva Arends