For organisations developing an inclusivity policy, What You See offers a tailor-made programme during the festival and beyond to support, deepen and strengthen your policy. Themes around gender, identity, LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion become tangible. Assumptions and prejudices are unravelled and you are offered tools to immediately start working towards a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

Based on your wishes and our experience, we will create a tailor-made program. For individuals, teams or your entire company. So contact us now!


What You See Festival 2022 takes place from 17 to 20 November in Utrecht. Prior to, during and after the festival we offer:

  • a workshop in run-up to the festival 
  • a workshop during the festival
  • various art experiences, including an exhibition and a performance
  • talks with artists and/or experts
  • a unique look behind the scenes
  • moments of reflection and discussion, for example over dinner
  • a reflection day a month after the event

A diverse and inclusive society starts by considering how we would like to live and work together as a society. How do you do that as a team, an organisation or as an individual? What concrete steps can you take?

With a program full of urgency and fun, the multidisciplinary and international What You See Festival stretches deep-rooted norms about gender, identity and inclusion through art, conversations, working sessions and symposia. Since 2018, What You See Festival has been sharing its knowledge, experience and network.

What does inclusion mean for you and your organisation? How can you create more diverse teams? Do you want to research these question through the power of art in a sustainable way? Discuss the possibilities for What You See Business now!

The What You See Festival program has started an open and broader conversation in our team about gender, diversity and inclusion. By seeing performances, visual art, conversations with the artists and attending a workshop, our own assumptions and prejudices were discussed in an accessible and interactive way. This day planted a seed and has had a lasting impact on our team.

Senior director at Nike
IemeWhat You See Business