BLACK LITTLE BOXES | Daniel Mariblanca

For some years now Daniel Mariblanca, who is a transman, has been searching for bodies whose relationship with sex and gender is less than obvious. He interviewed 71 trans genders from all of Europe and created the multidisciplinary project 71BODIES based on their stories. Complementary to the performance on Saturday, November 24 What You See exhibits the installation Black Little Boxes in the foyer of Theater Kikker. In these short films, the protagonists will share some of their personal stories with you.

concept: Daniel Mariblanca | video: Ursula Kaufmann

Fr 23 Nov –
Sa 24 Nov

Theater Kikker – Foyer
You can visit during opening hours of the theater

Spain / Norway
English subtitles
Admission free

IemeBLACK LITTLE BOXES | Daniel Mariblanca

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