A TRUE STORY (workshop) | Daniel Mariblanca

Choreographer, dancer and trans man Daniel Mariblanca brings the stories of transgender and non-binary people to the stage with his inclusive company 71BODIES. He has been involved in the festival since the beginning of What You See and in the coming years he will work on the project A True Story. For this he invites you to the two-day workshop. This workshop unravels the dynamics between transgender and non-binary people and their (family) relationships and creates new perspectives on this. Through movement, text and more, you go in search of the core of your relationships. Playful, gentle and energetic, A True Story offers a place for togetherness, intimacy, joy and courage.

A True Story is accessible for anyone interested in gender issues. The workshops also focuses on trans gender and non-binary people and their families. You’re very welcome to join alone but as a trans or non-binary perspon you are also warmly invited to bring a parent, child, sibling or partner!

There is no age limit connected to the workshop, just be aware that the language is English.

More Daniel Mariblanca? Check here for his performance In First Person: The Playroom which takes place on Friday 19 November. 

photo: Karin Jonkers

Spain / Norway

Sat 20 Nov
Sun 21 Nov

Het Huis Utrecht
Theatre hall

20,- / pay what you can

20,- is an indicative ticket fee. You are very welcome to pay the amount that is currently available to you (with a minimum of 1,-). Please use the donation option at the check-out.

IemeA TRUE STORY (workshop) | Daniel Mariblanca

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