AQUÍ, SIEMPRE (Here, Always) | Poliana Lima

Four histories, four places, four times, four women. The Brazilian Poliana Lima together with four dancers – with an age difference of almost 50 years between the youngest and oldest – created a performance documentary on their lives and different ways of dancing, moving and thinking. An intimate, sensitive and autobiographical map in which present, past and future are constantly colliding. Poetically, Aquí, Siempre reflects on the inevitable passage of time and the deeply personal way we relate to it.

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choreography & creative director: Poliana Lima | creative advisor & associate producer: Steve Purcell | performers: Carla de Diego, Christine Cloux, Irene Ducaju y Mona Belizan |soundscore: Vidal | lighting designer: Pablo Seoane | video: Alexis Delgado Búrdalo and Álvaro Gomez Pidal | photography: Álvaro Gomez Pidal | graphic design: Denis Forigo

This is a work that transcends you; that shakes you through time as age, time as rhythm, time as ritual. […] It is impossible not to be moved by the ancestral wisdom distilled by these four bodies.

Belen Santa-Olalla, Creative Director Stroke 114

(Dutch premiere)
Brazil / Spain
Language No Problem

Sat 23
60 min

Theater Kikker
Grote Zaal

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IemeAQUÍ, SIEMPRE (Here, Always) | Poliana Lima

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